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Common-Sense Grunt



MultiPurpose Marker Panel Bag

The MP2B is a light weight zippered bag that is versatile enough for use as an SSE bag, snivel bag, stuffsack, or beavertail, and can be unzipped for use as a hi-viz orange signaling panel which incorporates the features of the MPIL Modular Signaling Concept.

18” x 18” Zipped

18” x 36” Unzipped

Multicam exterior/Hi-Viz Orange interior

“Operations can vary day-to-day and minute-to-minute. We must be able to adapt our mindset and skills to meet the mission requirement.  Our equipment should be no different.  EAGLElement and Battle Systems understand this from experience. We’ve joined minds to bring you the MP2B; a multifunctional signal panel.  Designed to easily be clipped to a modular backpack, the MP2B provides the Warrior with a lightweight, quick access pocket that is user-adaptive for developing situations.”



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