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Common-Sense Grunt


Marker Panel, Individual, LW (MPIL)

Mk2 (2’x4’)


Mk3 (4’x4’)

MPIL Mk2 (2’x4’) shown above being deployed from a pant pocket. The material used in the MPILs is extremely lightweight and packable so every individual can carry a versatile signaling package without worrying about loading themselves down.

MPIL Mk2 and MPIL Mk3 are built to order and currently have a 2 week lead time.  I can readily build Standard (Orange/Violet), Orange/Coyote, and Orange/Multicam. Any other colors or patterns can be built upon request, but may have increased lead times and costs to procure the material and may require a minimum order quantity.

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Optimize your MPIL with our MPIL Modular Signaling Accessories

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